I’m Totally Rattled!!!

Over the weekend, my mother’s friends threw a baby shower while my dad took me golfing.  When I came home there were gifts, cards, and baby things everywhere!  Swaddles, diaper bags, gift certificates, bottles, and more!  The girls had made an emergency mommy basket with Aspirin, Amp Drinks, diapers, and a little turtle rattle.  I picked up the rattle and gave it a shake.  It was like hearing the bell from Santa’s sleigh in the Polar Express.  To everyone else around it was just the sound of a rattle but to me it was so much more.  It was the sound of a baby coming into my life.

It is increasingly hard to call my son “Zig” on the blog and out in public since Kate and I call him by the name we have chosen when we are alone.  His name is beautiful, just like the sound of that rattle.  Every time I feel a little stressed, sad, or overwhelmed I have rung that rattle and it instantly brings me back to earth.  There is so much I have no control over and that can be scary…but the sound of that rattle reminds me that something amazing is about to happen that will negate any stress or woe in the world.  Like Christmas morning, January 11th cannot get here fast enough!

Rattle, rattle, rattle.  All is good in my world.

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