I can see your face!

Dear Zig,

Today Kate and I got to see you again!  Today was your last sonogram!  You are not shy.  You posed for pictures, flexed your arms, grabbed your feet, wiggled your toes, licked your arm, showed off your boy parts, blinked your eyes, raised your eyebrows, and yawned a big sigh of relaxation!  It was AWESOME!!!  I saw your face!  I know what you look like!  Guess what?  You are adorable!!!

I have pictures and videos and I love them and I love you and holy cow you are going to be here so soon!  It was amazing seeing your face and watching you move your lips as you practiced suckling.  You are just shy of 5 lbs!  77th percentile.  That’s big dude.  They think you are going to be between 8 – 9 lbs at birth.  Mom wasn’t too excited about that.  Go figure.

To date we know you love Root Beer cause you go crazy every time Mom drinks it.  You get very calm when the cat purrs and tend to nap with 1 foot almost completely above your head.  Your favorite thing to kick is Mom’s lower right rib.  When I push on your feet you push back.  When I say “Kick, kick, kick!”  You kick.  You have hair already and all toes and fingers are accounted for.  Your lips and nostrils are adorable and you have fat little cherub cheeks.  Your heart rate is about 120 which means you are chillin…like a villan.  You like the WSU Shockers Basketball team and helped kick and root them on to win their season opener on Tuesday.

I am reading up on ways I can help your mom relax during pregnancy so you can have a less traumatic birth and go right to breast-feeding.  I am fixing things around the house and getting ready to assemble and build your nursery.  I bought mom a birthing ball (exercise ball) and a stair stepper as it is getting to be too cold for pregnant women to go walking in the park.  Your mom looks gorgeous pregnant with you by the way.  Enough said.

You should be here in less than 2 months and I am filled with anticipation!  Till then, here are some pictures of you my gorgeous son!

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