Dear Zig, I can feel your feet!

Dear Zig,

You have moved into a downward facing position in the womb, your little tush rests behind Kate’s right ribcage.  Yesterday I placed my hand there to see if I could feel you, and you stretched out and pressed against my hand with your feet and I could feel your toes!  Toes!!!  It was amazing!

You are pretty much all done growing and developing buddy, from here on out its time to put on some weight cause you only weigh about 4 lbs.  What do you look like?  I have a hunch you will look like a Welch…like a small version of Kate’s brother Mark, with her grandmother Vera’s smile, and my mother’s expressions.  Who knows.  I get to sneak another peek at you this week when we do our next ultrasound!  So exciting!!!  I remember the first time I saw you, you were a little back flipping bean.  Now you are pretty much a baby.

Mom’s blasting your music upstairs in her painting studio, Luna knows you are there and wants to cuddle you all the time, and I am 1 grand opening away from being home all the time so we can be together every day.  Thanksgiving is almost here and everyone is going to be poking the belly…just kick back and everyone will be happy.  I love you,


2 thoughts on “Dear Zig, I can feel your feet!

  1. Beautiful! Today on Ellie’s bday I’m reminded of the thrills of her pregnacy – all the first experiences, fears, joys, and wonder. I cherish sharing these moments with you & Kate. God bless you.

  2. It’s going to be a wonderful family time this holiday season with the little one around the corner. Then a whole new chapter starts….YES! Love the blog, Ryan.

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