When a man loves a woman…and his unborn son…and a sad cat.

After being on the road for 4 weeks I was so happy to be home for 2.  My in-laws came to town my first weekend back and we went out and partied all over Wichita.  It is one of my favorite things about my marriage; how much my parents and Kate’s parents enjoy each other.  We were sitting around a table at Luciano’s in Mulvane (if you haven’t been…go!) sharing large plates of pasta when suddenly my father reached over and grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me closer to him and said “I love you as much as a father can love a son.”  Yeah…I pretty much melted.  I think one of the things that makes my family so special is how emotionally open we are.  Its amazing to hear your father or mother tell you how much they love you, and not in that getting off the phone way when you say “love you.”

2 weeks home was barely enough time and now I find myself back on the road for 3 weeks and being consumed with thoughts of Kate, home, Zig, and the cat.  I wake up every morning and look around the hotel room confused, this isn’t my house.  Where is Kate? I feel guilty.  My wife is over 6 months pregnant and I am not there to comfort her and take care of her.  She calls me randomly crying with feelings of loneliness and down-heartedness which I know is part of the pregnancy but I cannot help but feel responsible.  My family needs me home.

Luna, Zig, and Kate

The cat (Luna) is also depressed.  She had surgery and now has to wear a cone.  Kate says she hugs the walls as she sad-walks around the house and bumps into door frames and other cone-catching items.  Kate collapses on the couch, Zig kicks, and Luna climbs on top of both of them and rests on Kate’s pregnant belly, purring and vibrating Zig to sleep.  Its strange…I think my cat and my son are bonding.  She can can hear him and her purring soothes him.  It’ll be curious to see if they get along after he is born.

This trip takes me to Lynchburg, VA; Cheektowaga, NY; and Warr Acres, OK.  I get to stop off at home for 1 day this Sunday and while I know a day isn’t enough…it is better than nothing.  See you soon family, I love you as much as a dad and husband can love his wife, son, and cat.

One thought on “When a man loves a woman…and his unborn son…and a sad cat.

  1. I think Luna is oddly adjusting to the cone! She’s still miserable, but it’s so funny to watch her try to maneuver through the house that I think for my entertainment one week of hell in her life is worth it!
    Zig is a kicking monster! I’m very excited to see these feet/hands/elbows that are beating up my ribcage. We are all very excited to see you on Sunday, keep your chin up, you are in the home stretch!
    And, we love you as much as a wife, sad cat, and unborn boy possibly can!

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