True Dreams Of Wichita; The Third Trimester Begins!

Yesterday Kate and I took a tour of the BirthCare Center and signed up for some more classes on breathing, birthing, and breast-feeding.  The facility is pretty cool because it is so small (only 20 rooms) so you get a very personal experience while you are there.  We asked all the questions we had thought of before going but all I could focus on was the little rolling bassinet crib in the room that will hold my son in just 11 weeks!  Wow!  Talk about a reality check.  I thought I was emotionally ready to rock until I saw that bassinet and then suddenly it re-dawned on me that there was going to be a tiny person in my life soon who completely depends on me.  That is a lot of responsibility!

I’m not suddenly coming to that realization, you are just occasionally struck with reminders that flood you with emotion.  We are now in the third and final trimester.  My fears of the physical nature of the baby are ebbing and I am relaxing into the prospect that Zig will potentially be quite healthy…we have had a very easy and normal pregnancy so far.  Every night I lay down next to Kate’s belly and read him a story, last night we read “The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.”  This was one of my favorites as it brings back tons of memories of my youth when my mother would perform “Peter Rabbit” with the Tales For Tots Players, her children’s theater group.  Zig seemed to like it a lot as well as he put on quite the kicking show.  He is kicking ALL THE TIME now!

Just before bed Kate noticed she had lactated a little which was very exciting!  She is producing milk.  My wife is the provider of life!  I asked her, “will you miss having him inside your belly after he is born?”  She thought for a while and replied, “I never thought about that but I can see how I would.”  She continued, “I’ll be so excited to meet him that I’m sure it won’t dawn on me – besides, it will be great to finally be able to interact with him.”  I replied, “You can interact with him.”  I turned to Kate’s belly and spoke loudly and clearly, “Goodnight Zig!”  Zig kicked back.  Kate and I nuzzled into bed, turned off the lights, and slowly drifted off to sleep as Zig kicked happily away; my hand upon Kate’s belly feeling every happy little move.

They say babies dream at this point.  Zig’s brain is fully developed.  He is dreaming about sounds, heartbeats, visions of holding the umbilical cord, and the voices of his mom and dad.  Dream big buddy, your Dad will show you how to make your dreams come true.  You are my dream.

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