Gophers, Rhinos, and Sharks! Oh my!!!

I think I am swimming among the sharks.  I was a shark once.  Before I went to work for someone other than myself…I was a shark.  I don’t know what I am now.  I think I was a scapegoat today.  Maybe I  had a big target painted on me today and I was a deer.  I feel like some people think I’m just a gofer.  I was a rhino before all this.

Whatever I am…I know I’m no longer a shark.  I guess that makes me a minnow.  I’m frustrated is what I am.  I am very frustrated.  I feel stepped on, put down, useless, under-appreciated, and hurt.  Some of that is my own self pity but most of it might be based in some truths.  Either way it all leads to the same question: “Am I happy?”

My wife makes me happy.  My son makes me happy.  I need more time with my family.  That is the answer – interpret that as you will but that is the answer.

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