Anything You Can Blog I Can Blog Better (Introduction)

I wanted to take a moment and thank all the readers of this blog; your support is greatly appreciated!  There is a lot going on in Kate’s and my life right now with all this travel, baby developments, moving to Wichita, and adjusting to corporate life.  Having this blog as a place to vent and share is tremendously helpful because of all the support you provide back in return!  Your subscribing, commenting, and participation is massively appreciated and will inevitably play a role in the development of my son and family.

I’d like to invite all of you you participate in some reader generated posting by emailing in stories and posts of your own to be included on the “So Long Freedom” blog in a little piece called:

Anything You Can Blog I Can Blog Better

Right now I’m sure you’re thinking “no I can’t.”  Yes you can.  “No I can’t.”  Yes you can, Yes you can, yes you can!  Sorry…prepping for dad-humor.  I want to hear stories from you about:

  • Other parents-to-be
  • Current parents
  • Moving to new cities
  • Swapping careers
  • What stresses you
  • Feelings of “So Long Freedom”
  • Feelings of “Freedom”

Simply email your stories to and be sure to put “I Can Blog Better” as the subject line.  Be sure to specify weather or not you would like to be anonymous or not before sending in the event that I publish your story on the blog.  You’ve shared your comments – now please share your stories.  Thanks again for all your support!

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