Will A Recording Of My Voice Suffice?

To Kate and Zig,

I miss you both so much! Three months is a long time but it will fly by I promise. Kate, please play these campfire songs for Zig while I’m gone so he remembers the sound of my voice, the strumming of my ukulele, and how musical our family is. I love you both and will see you in October.

“Down By The Pond” (The Camper Song)
I wrote this song the summer of 2009 when Kate and I moved into a 20′ camper for the summer on the shores of Lake George in Bolton Landing.  It was the most amazing summer of my life and was the end of an era.

“You Belong To Me”
I recorded this version of one of my favorite songs while procrastinating.  There was a massive moving truck in the driveway and I was doing everything to put off moving away from Bolton Landing.

“In the Aeroplane Over The Sea”
More procrastinating and butchering of a great song.

“Viva Las Vegas”
Again, procrastinating packing up and moving to Wichita.  I recorded this country version of an Elvis classic on the uke…one of my personal favorites to play around the campfire!

I’ll be back before you know it.  I’ll record some short stories, bed time favorites, and more songs to play to the Zigster when I get a chance.  Any recommendations from subscribers would be greatly appreciated.  Good Night Moon is one of my favorites and one of the first stories I read to Kate’s belly.  Of course…my all time favorite is Where The Wild Things Are.


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