Zig The Adventurer!

Dear Zig,

It has been a long week with lots of excitement. On Monday you went to your first ever NFL football game and wow it was amazing! Chiefs beat the Chargers in the season opener in a pouring rain! Your mom was a trooper. As soon as we walked in the stadium amid the roaring crowd you started kicking! “Go Chiefs” was how I chose to interpret those.

After the game we flew to Atlantic Beach, NC and the plane zonked you out. Uncle Mark and Aunt Abby got married and you kicked up a storm at the reception to let them know how excited you were. We then swam in the ocean, you had a few sips of champagne, and back to Wichita we went.

At this moment I am writing to you from a plane en route to Phoenix for the week. I am going to be gone for 3 weeks on this trip! I miss you and your mother already. This morning I sang to you and you kicked back in approval. This week not only can I feel your kicks, I can hear you when I listen to your mom’s belly! You now know up from down and shift in the womb when Kate lays down or stands up. Very cool.

Thank you for coming on all these adventures with us, the best adventures are still to come. I’ll sing to you soon. Love,
– Dad



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