I felt you kick!!!

Dear Zig,

For the past few weeks your mother has been suddenly pausing, then holding her belly, and with an inquisitive look saying “I think I just felt him.”  However, she and I have not been able to confirm your kicking.  Last night…you made your presence known!  Some time just after midnight I cuddled up against your mother and placed my hand over her belly.  I kissed her belly and began telling you good night when “POW!”  You kicked!  We both felt it!  We then got super quiet and I waited for you to kick my hand again…nothing.  I began to say “maybe he fell asleep,” when suddenly “BAM!”  You kicked again!  “Its your voice,” Kate said.  So I began talking some more and sure enough, you started doing somersaults.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk Zig.  I’m stressed.  Last night…you kicked and somersaulted all my stress away.  I have been waiting to feel you kick my whole life!  There you were!  Your first interaction with me.  I was speaking to you and you were kicking back.  It was the greatest experience of my life!  Imagine how great it will be when you are out here in the world!  I’m good for napping on, tummy time, singing, baths, reading to, making smile, and general dad stuff.  I’m also pretty awesome at changing diapers, calming tears, feeding bottles in the middle of the night, and taking you with me everywhere I go!

Please kick some more tonight, I’m going to pick out a good story book to read to you.  I cannot wait to talk with you again…I’ve been talking to you for the past 22 weeks, now we are having a conversation.  “Hello?”  kick.  “This is Dad the Rhino.”  kick, kick.  “I love you.”  somersault.

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