That Woman is Pregnant

Yesterday I came home from a week-long business trip to Syracuse, NY.  Kate picked me up at the airport and BAM!  There it was!  A pregnant belly.  When I left the week prior she didn’t really look that pregnant…I knew she was so I could see it, but it wasn’t that obvious.  On Sunday at the Wichita airport there was no debate, that woman is pregnant.  She had gone to Kansas City to get maternity clothes so I thought maybe that was it.  Nope.  She got so much bigger in just 1 week!  Over the weekend Kate felt what she believes were Zig’s first hiccups, tiny little hiccups only a mother could detect.  I cannot wait to be able to feel him kick!  It is killing me not being able to directly interact with him!  I cannot wait to see him, hear him, hold him, nap with him, feed him, and just finally feel like a dad.  I have done so many cool things in my life and they all fall short to this experience…I truly feel that fatherhood will be the biggest calling in my life:  The thing that will challenge me the most – but it’s what I am destined to do.  Time will tell…who knows.  Maybe he will hate me.

Looking at my calendar I see that I am away from Kate for 3 long weeks in September.  I wonder what she will look like when I get back!!!

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