No Longer An “It”

Dear Zig, 

Its a boy!!!

Yesterday I saw your face for the very first time.  You look like an alien.  You have barely developed any fat so you look like a crazy alien skeleton on the sonogram and it was the coolest experience of my life.  We were in no rush so we hung out in the sonogram room for quite a while and took tons of pictures of you to see what you look like and see if all is normal.  I saw your little hands!  I saw your heart beating!  I saw your brain!  I saw your femurs (those are your legs), and I saw your coin purse.  Wow did we see your coin purse!  YOU ARE A BOY!  The sonogram technician said “those are clearly boy parts” and pointed to 3 dots on the screen.  Holy cow!!!  I thought for sure you were going to be a girl!  You’re a boy!  You are so well-behaved for a boy.  I couldn’t believe it!  I knew I would be elated if you were a boy or girl but there it was…tiny balls.  Tiny balls!  I immediately began to black out and had to sit for a minute.  Then I cried a little.  I’m welling up right now.  Then I squeezed your mother’s hand for a while…and cried a little more.  Wonderful tears of pride and excitement. 

Something about knowing you are a boy and not an “it” made everything a little more real.  You are very real!  You were squirming around in there too!  The doctor asked if we had boxers in the family cause you kept punching everything!  I explained that we didn’t have boxers in the family but Dad may have been suspended and expelled a few times for school yard fighting.  God I hope you are better and smarter than me.  I wasn’t good at school Zig.  I’m not patient.  I’m occasionally an emotional mess.  I’m definitely immature.  Sometimes I wonder what I am really good at but I have a pretty good idea of a nontraditional talent I was born for.  Emotions.  I have been criticized for being very emotional and that can be a hinderance when it comes to making decisions in business, sports, driving, life, etc.  It is not a hinderance in our little family; you, Mom, and me.  Emotions are very important to your mother and me.  We express ours to each other as often as possible and will to you as well.  We love you.  I am jumping up and down!!!'s a boy!

You filled me up with excitement and love yesterday Zig.  I think we know what we want to name you…but we’ll wait till you are born to decide. 

-Love “Ryan the Dad” 

p.s. It’s a boy!  It’s a boy!  You’re a boy!

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