What is wrong with the cat?!!!

Ryan and Luna

The cat often can tell when we are getting ready to move, go on vacation, or take her on  lovely ride across town to the vet while she howls like she is drowning in a lake surrounded by dogs.  She is fully aware that something is going on with Kate.

Luna has become crazy protective of Kate and so forcefully snugly that her presence is almost invasive.  She’ll wake us up at 3 AM if we are not paying attention to her.  Currently she has taken to fiercely licking us and sleeping with her face pressed against Kate’s – she will not sleep on my side of the bed.  Instead, she steps directly on the nads in the middle of the night in a very “stay away from my mom” kind of way.  It reminds me of the day Kate and I moved in together when Luna ran around my then bachelor pad a few times and suddenly thunder peed in my filing cabinet while looking me square in the eye.  “Meeooow!!!”  She howled while drenching my work life in pungent atrocities, which I interpreted as “you’re not my real dad!”

She knows there are changes going on around the house and with Kate’s body.  Does she know there is a baby on the way?  Does she know there is a baby in Kate’s belly right now?  What does she know?  All I know is that whenever I am home my coat is very shiny and I smell like cat food.

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