So Long Finances!

As is common with dads-to-be, we stress about finances and grapple with the question “can I support my family?”  While I am reassured of my masculinity by my creation of life I am downtrodden by my financial contributions which just perfectly support Kate and I but will be insufficient for a 3rd.  I, like every other man in my position, am stressing about money.

College funds, Roth IRA’s, life insurance, hospital bills, diaper costs, and that statistic that a newborn costs about $6,000 in year one!  Kate calms me by reminding me that I am the only one pulling salary right now and that her contribution will kick in later this year when she has her painting show.  She is of course…right.  I am stressing about the uncontrollable.  We are taking the right steps to save and set aside the money we need.  At least we were until yesterday when Kate’s car went into the shop.

CreativeRHINO on the road

The transfer box is on it’s last leg and has destroyed the rear differential.  $10,000 fix.  Great.  So right smack in the middle of the greatest financial stress-bomb of my life the car drops a ten thousand dollar Cleveland steamer and I am in Phoenix, leaving Kate to deal with it alone in Wichita.  I feel utterly inadequate today.  Luckily, Kate is self sufficient and does not need a knight in shining armor, she needs a partner in crime.  So with the half-way point of the pregnancy about 2 weeks away I am feeling the stress of it all settling on my shoulders again.  Luckily I’m not feeling the full weight of it because I know our family is there to help and support us…it truly does take a village.

Is this life’s strange way of making us buy a minivan?  Can I sit in the back and watch Sponge Bob?

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