Separation Anxiety

Today I am in Phoenix, AZ for work and Kate has stayed home in Wichita.  We have known that she would not be able to travel with me anymore for work and that I would go solo on this one…but now that it is here I am miserable.  During pregnancy b0th mother and father release chemicals like progesterone that promote bonding of not only mother and father but father and baby.  There isn’t enough progesterone in the world to make me feel like I do right now…this is down right good ole fashioned love.

Kate and I often marvel at how lucky we are to have each other (I would argue that I am the lucky one).  She is truly my best friend and it is amazing how much time we can spend together and still enjoy each other’s company.  More importantly it is amazing how in all of that time spent together how much we have retained our individual personalities.  I think it comes from a complete and utter respect for each other.  We operate as a team.  We support the other when able and ask for help when needed.  Neither of us is greedy though I fear I require more attention.

The hotel room I am staying in this week is awesome.  Super comfy.  It has almost everything I need for a great stay and a good night’s sleep.  It just doesn’t have Kate.  So no matter how nice the bed is, how perfect the temperature is, how tired I am, or luxurious the room…I don’t sleep right without her next to me.

I miss you Kate.   See you in 6 days.  I’ll make recordings for you to play to the belly for Zig.  I hope to sleep better than I do – I feel like half of me is not here.

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