Testing 1…2… Is this thing on?

Dear Zig,

Today I rambled on into your mom’s belly again talking to you about…well…nothing.  I feel kinda strange talking to you in there cause I can’t see, hear, or feel you.  I have started tapping the belly before I talk kind of like a bad stand-up comic.  Testing!  1…2. Much like my first time doing stand-up back in the 90’s…nothing but silence from the audience.  Thanks for not booing.

Today is Saturday and I am soaking up the relaxation!  I have been on the road and working crazy hours the past few weeks and it is only going to get harder.  I have to go to Phoenix tomorrow, so today I am watching the Season 1 “Joe Schmo Show” marathon on Spike TV…one of my most favorite shows of all time!  Right about the time I realized this was Kristen Wiig’s breakthrough show I heard one of the greatest sounds in the world from upstairs.  You mom singing as she worked in her painting studio.

I used to get to hear it every day when I worked from home and I didn’t realize how much I missed till this morning.  You are so lucky you get to hear that every day from inside the womb…how am I supposed to compete with that?  I think I talked about what I had for dinner last night in a nasal monotone voice.  Thanks Dad.  That sweet, sweet sound of your mom singing will calm both you and me once you are born.  I think we are going to get a bassinet so you can sleep right next to us for the first few weeks.  I can’t wait for you to get here and tell you all these things in person.  I made up a new song about feet.  You will like it, I promise.  You are going to have a good life.  I can’t offer you all the riches in the world but I can give you my undying love and attention.  See you in a week and a half (next sonogram)!  Love,


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