Its Called Sneezing and Coughing

Dear Zig,

Those crazy sounds your mom is making are called sneezes and coughs, its your body’s way of trying to repel germs.  Mom has caught a cold therefore you have too.  It is a small cold, nothing to write home about…but it has me scared beyond belief because you are swimming around in there.  Are you okay?  Would you give a kick tonight when I talk into your mom’s belly so I know you are okay?  I’m the muddled sounding thing that sounds like a tuba playing through a jello cake.  I’ll explain what a tuba and jello is when you are born.

You are about 16 weeks along now which means you are about 6 inches long!  You are growing fast!  All curled up you are about the size of an avacado.  Your eyelashes are growing, you are gaining control of your neck, and your sweat glands are developed.  I must sadly inform you of the Welsh curse…its sweat.  Your mom is a sweat bomb at night, its like cuddling Swamp Thing.  Your uncles sweat, your great uncles sweat, and so on.  Maybe you’ll be lucky and have a little more Gates when it comes to sweating…although after turning 30 and having my appendix removed I started sweating like crazy!  Don’t sweat the small stuff buddy.

I’ll talk to you tonight, we’ll try some different poems, stories, and songs until we find something you really like.  I’m quite partial to Goodnight Moon, Where The Wild Things Are, and Curious George.  You have a cold.  Try to sleep.  Be calm.  You need more sleep than a kitten right now!  I love you,


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