The Preg Is Mightier Than The Sword

Today Kate and I wrapped up another grueling day doing a grand opening in Buffalo, NY.  The day began at 5 AM as we made our way across Buffalo to get the festivities started and concluded when we finished breaking down a little after 8 PM.  A nice little 15 hour day on your feet, with a torrential down pour that had me flooding my shoes, high energy all day long, and general intensity.  After one of these events all I want to do is crack a beer, take a shower, and crawl into a hole and hibernate.  Usually Kate too…but not today!

“Let’s get Indian food in Niagara Falls!”  She professes.  Great!  Perfect!  A nice long drive to Niagara Falls for Indian food.

My feet literally throbbing, my voice all but lost, and my blood sugar so low it may be in China…I drove us to Niagara Freakin Falls.  Of course Kate had no idea where the place she heard of was, then she had no idea where we were, and then we just ended up at an Indian place.  It wasn’t that great.  It was…what’s the phrase I’m looking for?  Oh yeah!  Where dreams of Saag Paneer come to die in a Niagara Falls Buffet restaurant with pushy owners.  Yeah.

Immediately we were aware that this place was not even close to what we were looking for.  We tried to look at the menu (no buffet for me thank you) but were physically shuffled to a table and honestly ordered to “SIT!”  I grumbled angrily.  “Drink?” The waitress asked.  “Beer?”  I replied.  “Sprite.”  She answered.  I grumbled more.

A mango lassi and some chicken tikka masala later I was in better spirits.  Across from me my wife practically slurped saag paneer through a straw as she doused everything in her world with sweet raita.  I have grown accustomed to the strange cravings that have emerged in the past months but this was the first time the cravings had lead me on a goose chase…a goose chase to Crown India Buffet Non-Veg (there was veggie and non-veggie).  My grumbling stopped, my mood changed to relief that my wife was happy, and I realized this was something I was going to need to get used to.  Having a baby is the end of your ego.  Trust me…I’m an egotistical son-of-a-bitch when I want to be and my needs are so far back on my list of priorities that it astounds me.  Me!  MEEEEEEE!

Must make wife happy.  Must make happy baby.  Must remember that wife does so much to make me happy to.  If you are in a relationship with someone I suggest going to them and giving them the thing they love the most that you always find a way to sneak out of doing.  A massage?  Doing the dishes?  Going for a walk?  Hosting girls-night so all of your wife’s friends can watch vampire movies and shows and glare at you when you make snide comments about the dystopian and escapism trends in current tween media that has grabbed hold of obsessive female adults.  Like you do.  Whatever it is that you hate – do it.  You may hate the thing but you will love the appreciation.

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