Zig Goes to Buffalo

Dear Zig,

This week your mother and I are in Buffalo, NY for business.  I am producing another grand opening for easyhome and Mom is here to lend a hand and help me prepare the next grand opening which is next week!  It is scary to think about how many openings I have to do this year and how much I will be on the road when I would rather be home tending to your mom.  This is the last GO Mom will come to in 2010 and probably ever!  I’m unbelievably sad to think I will be away from both of you for 10 weeks.

Wings and a Weck at Duff's

You have developed taste buds and we are exposing you to as much eclectic food as possible.  That was Duff’s Buffalo Chicken Wings you tasted the other night…I hope you like spice cause those were awesome.  We only ordered medium, you can have hot when you are older.

Your mother has a predominant bump now and it is becoming more obvious that she has a new little tenant in her belly.  I am so excited to meet you.  This reminds me of when your mother and I met.  We met online through friends and began writing letters to each other for many weeks before meeting.  When we actually met in person for the first time it was like reuniting with an old friend and not like a first date.  A few minutes into the date your mom planted a big kiss on my lips and I knew right then and there that my life had changed forever.  I think you and I will have a similar reuniting feeling when we meet face to face in January, I am beginning to get to know you already.

Listen to my voice, your mother’s voice, and the sounds of the world in their muddled amniotic strangeness.  You’ll know us when you are born…just open your ears.  Thanks for coming to Buffalo with me!  I love you,


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