Watermelon and Pickles

Being the expecting father that I am, I have been pouring through pregnancy books, websites, and magazines soaking up every last piece of info I can about what is happening with my baby and my wife.  They all talk about morning sickness, emotions, random food cravings, etc.  None of which even remotely resemble what Kate is going through.  She has been a rock.  No nausea.  No random cravings.  Emotionally sound.  She has remained, quite simply, Kate.

As we packed to go to Lake George for the weekend she looked at her bathing suit and asked me, “do I look fat?”  The answer is of course “no.”  She then proceeded to the bathroom to brush her teeth for the night.  Then there was an unmistakable sound from the bathroom…tears.  I threw back the covers and ran to the hall to find her staring into the mirror crying heavily.  “What’s wrong?”  I asked.  “MY SKIN IS BLOTCHY!”  Kate announced as she broke down into tears even further than before.  I held her and told her I thought her skin was beautiful and soft.  She brushed off this compliment respectfully and climbed into bed.  That night…I think aliens may have abducted Kate and left a wood burning stove as a place holder till morning when she returned.  Fans blasting, AC cranked, and the covers shucked down to my toes; the furnace that is now my wife lay shivering next to me with the comforter pulled all the way up to her nose.  The next morning we made our way to the airport, went through security, and sat down in our seat on the plane for another easy take off.  The flight attendant came around asking what we wanted to drink and Kate requested a ginger ale.  Seconds after having it placed in front of her she practically leapt out of her seat flagging down the attendant to ask for a glass of ice-cold tomato juice as well.  I shot a sideways look at her.  “Ginger ale and tomato juice?”  I asked. “Yeah!”  She replied, “something about the salty and the sweet sounds awesome…right?”  I nodded yes but internally exclaimed “No!”  We arrived safely in Bolton Landing and took our first waverunner ride of the summer the next morning (going slow over the bumps of course).  As is our tradition, I stopped in the center of the lake and pulled the key so we could float in silence.  I felt something against my back.  It was Kate, her head rested between my shoulder blades, slowly drifting off to sleep.  It was at this moment that I realized Kate was officially “pregnant Kate.”

Kate had managed to stave off the statistical symptoms of pregnancy for 3 months and had at last succumbed to their whimsical will.  The second trimester has begun.  The pregnancy has become more real.  My wife and I are changing emotionally and physically.  We are having a baby and it is hilarious and exciting.  Cheese and crackers have given way to watermelon and pickles.  Movies on the couch have been replaced by narcoleptic couch sessions.  Kate is becoming “Mom.”

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