Goodbye tennis shoes and 9am alarm clocks!

For years my friends and family have needed to refer to my work ethic as lackadaisical, non-efficient, or untraditional to rationalize their traditional work day.  While I highly disagree with these misconceptions, I am aware of their origins and perceptions.  For most of my life I have preferred existing among the living between the hours of noon and 3 AM.  I like the dark.  I like to sleep in.  I prefer to play during the day and work at night.  When I launched my company CreativeRHINO I knew I would need to participate in more regular hours of business and established a pretty perfect schedule:

  • 9 AM alarm clock
  • 9:05 AM at my desk in pajamas blogging and updated our sites
  • 10 AM morning conference calls
  • Noon shower and get dressed
  • 1 PM lunch
  • 3:30 PM pause from working to do outdoor activities
  • 7 PM dinner
  • 8 PM back to work
  • 11 PM workday concludes
  • Midnight – bed

This might not be for you…but it was perfect for me!  I got great work done, I had availability for calls in all time zones, plenty of time to execute projects, and time to go swimming or hike outside.  I wore jeans and a tee as my business attire and when I needed to spiff things up I switched to slacks, a golf shirt, and sneakers.  My marriage was (and still is) perfect because we worked and played together…however money was always tight.  We bought and lived in a 20′ camper for a summer, lived for months at a time on the road, and sold interactive art along the route for gas money.  (visit for more)

I got itchy feet (as I often do) and knew I needed to make some changes in my life.  I turned 30…and it punched me right in the balls.  Suddenly my hair was thinning, my appendix erupted, I kept throwing my back out, and my stomach resembled the cheese I so loved to consume.  I knew I needed to take a little responsibility in my life and either bring some conventional thinking to my new wave company or shelve it to work for another company where I could achieve stability and thus allow my wife to commit herself full-tim to her career as an abstract painter.  It was the latter that happened.

Suddenly the client was about to become the boss.  It was insanely exciting, but there were some tough goodbyes that took place as well.  “Good bye tennis shoes in the office, you will be missed.  Oh 5 o’clock shadow, how I will miss your devil-may-care attitude!  Goodbye earrings, I love how you made people wonder if I was edgy or gay.  I’ll miss you most off all Scarecrow!”

So we picked up and moved to Wichita, KS.  I wear slacks.  I come to the office at 8am and leave between 6 and 10.  I still travel non stop but now I am a corporate traveler.  I eat meals at “regular” times and find my way to bed around 11 at night.  Am I sad?  No.  Nostalgic?  Absolutely.  I am the exact same person I was before except I have introduced a little more stability into my life.  Any time I forget that, or question it, I look at my wife and see the happiness she is experiencing from being a full-time artist.  No more part-time jobs.  No more CreativeRHINO travel.  Just paint.

So, why is the blog called “So Long Freedom?”  Meet Ziggy:

Zig 33 Weeks

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